BioTuring integrated
cell atlases

Access the most comprehensively integrated cell atlases curated by BioTuring, standing on the shoulders of a giant database and the newest deep learning algorithm.

Building atlas procedure

Data collection

Collect all available data for a particular atlas (cell type / tissue / disease)


Re-annotation using Repeatable Gene Set Patterns by experts and algorithms

Consistently reannotate and extract data using deep learning model


Intergrate into Talk2Data Atlas

Using a rich set of analytics and visualization functions in Talk2Data Atlas platform to analyze the atlas data


Atlas Extended

The final atlas can be used for training, annotating cell types, and intergrating users’ private data via Private Talk2Data system

BioTuring NK Cell Atlas

1,423,115 cells

218 studies

30 tissues

24 conditions

Full integration and subsampling

Analyze all NK cells as a fully integrated dataset, or access a subsampled version for a clearer view of the cells when the clusters are too dense.

Mouse brain atlas

comming soon...